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Kitchen Certifications

Project Angel Food’s kitchen not only cooks and prepares fresh and healthy meals for our clients but, we also hold ourselves to the highest of culinary safety standards. Food borne illnesses are a constant concern to public safety and a burden on our cost of living. As our meals are served to our most vulnerable neighbors, Project Angel Food takes food safety and certifications very seriously. Our kitchen looks at food processing, storage, preparation, packaging of meals, and the production of our food. As part of our commitment to food safety standards in the state of California and the overall health of our clients, volunteers, and employees, Project Angel Food chefs are in compliance with the California Food handling laws.


SB 602 Requires workers to receive food safety training. The Food Handler card ensures that restaurant employees receive a reasonable level of training in food safety practices to reduce the potential for food borne illness.

  • The CFH card is to be held by anyone who is involved in the preparation, storage, or food service of food in a food facility.


A Certified Food Protection Manager is a certificate that is obtained by anyone in a facility that prepares, handles, or serves non-packaged potentially hazardous food.

  • This certificate affirms that the bearer has been educated and knows the comprehensive principles behind cleaning and sanitation, food safety, time and temperature control, and pests.
  • The CFP card meets the California Health and Safety Code Section 11948 (B)(2).


The California Retail Food Code emphasizes an inspection of food facilities. The focus of these inspections are to ensure that the five (5) most prevalent risk factors for food borne illness to occur are not present in the facility and that the five (5) interventions are present.

  • Project Angel Food has always received an “A” letter grade after all of our inspections. This means that the Project Angel Food facility has never scored below 90 to 100 on the Food Official Inspection Report. Project Angel Food’s kitchen has received numerous certificates of excellence meaning that the facility has received three or more consecutive A ratings.