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Client Story: Maria V.

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It is with great sadness we announce the passing of former client Maria Antonieta V., who came on service in 2013 after being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. At the time, Maria was living in Studio City and Project Angel Food driver Pablo delivered her meals.

That same year, Maria was a client speaker at our Angel Awards gala, where she talked about how our nutritious meals helped her in an incredible way: despite being told by doctors she would lose weight from her chemotherapy treatments, Maria actually gained 19 pounds thanks to Project Angel Food’s medically tailored meals. (Watch Maria’s full speech here.)

“Project Angel Food came into my life, bringing love and support that I needed during this challenging time,” she told the audience. During the event, she was photographed with Hollywood veteran Jane Lynch, who was recognized for her philanthropic work with the organization.

In addition to Maria’s Angel Awards speech, she also participated in a 2016 billboard campaign to raise funds for the organization.

Maria was 42 years old at the time of her passing, and would have turned 43 on September 9. She passed away surrounded by her family in Mexico.


Even in the face of illness, Maria found the strength to support Project Angel Food in the best way she could: by sharing her story with others. As a way to both commemorate Maria and celebrate #InternationalDayOfCharity, please consider making a donation to Project Angel Food. Thank you.