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Meal Delivery Program

Meals are delivered to each client one day per week, Monday through Friday. The delivery window for each client is a span of four hours. Clients are notified of their delivery date and time window, which will remain the same unless otherwise notified. In the event of a holiday, some clients will be on a holiday schedule and these clients will receive a notice of the change.

Client Services: Answering the Call

Someone in need of Project Angel Food meals first connects with a Client Services representative. Together, they will complete an intake form to outline details about their diagnoses, mobility issues, any current health challenges, treatments and other vitals about their health situation.

Upon medical verification, meal service is initiated, sometimes within 24 hours of the first contact. We keep tabs on each client’s nutritional intake, any health issues, complications, personal challenges and other developments. Regular surveys give us feedback to refine and improve the client experience.

Nutrition Services: Employing ‘Food as Medicine’

Knowing that good foods can be powerful medicine, our on-staff registered dieticians devise a meal plan tailored to each person’s specific disease and medical treatments. Menus are on a 12-week cycle.

Our meals are made with fresh ingredients and are full of robust nutrients and calories for maintaining a healthy weight and stamina so that each person on service has the best chance for survival and recovery. Along the way, our nutrition services team provides in-depth nutritional counseling to empower clients to make healthy eating choices in the long term.

Our Kitchen: Mission Central

Six days a week, starting at 8 a.m., our professional kitchen is a flurry of activity, with chefs and dozens of hard-working volunteers chopping, peeling, stirring, baking, and then packaging meals under the guidance of our kitchen managers.

A lot of care and love go into each meal so that they are visually appealing and delicious, especially because serious illness and their treatments often cause a suppressed appetite.

Dispatch and Drivers: Delivering Meals and Hope

Every morning our dispatch staff and drivers load cargo vans with life-sustaining food for delivery to our clients all over 4,400 square miles of Los Angeles County, using more than 90 routes from Long Beach in the south, Lancaster in the north, Santa Monica in the west, to Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley in the east.

As serious illness can be very isolating, our drivers are often the only human interaction a client may have during their homebound day, and they are often referred to as their “angels.” We will include special meals during the holidays and hand-decorated birthday bags filled with simple items in recognition of their special day.