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Proper nutrition is a key factor in maintaining and improving clients’ health.

Under the care of our registered dietitians, and in consultation with the client’s primary health care case manager, each client receives one-on-one nutritional counseling and a specialized designed menu that is unique to their diagnosis and aligned with their personal dietary restrictions and preferences. In collaboration with the client’s case manager, our registered dietitians use health information provided by the physician to prescribe clients to one of our 39 meal plan options. This begins with an initial assessment upon enrollment, followed by routine check-ins to monitor progress every three to four months if necessary.


Our menus follow specific nutritional guidelines to provide the required nutrients and calories to optimize our client’s health. We accommodate 39 medically prescribed meal plans such as diabetic, low fat, lactose controlled, or vegetarian to help meet the individualized needs of our clients. In fact, roughly 75% of our clients are on one of these special meal plans. Our primary goal is to ensure our clients receive proper nourishment.