Project Angel Food—Always About Food and Love—Played Cupid for the First Time with Music as the ‘Food of Love’ So Played On

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Project Angel Food—Always About Food and Love—Played Cupid for the First Time with Music as the ‘Food of Love’ So Played On

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Project Angel Food, for so long synonymous with the maxim ‘food is love,’ played another kind of angel when cupid’s arrow found its mark with volunteers Lyndsey Rae and Alejandro Torres, who will tie the knot at Lake Chapala, Mexico, on September 16, 2017. The couple met two years ago while volunteering at Project Angel Food’s Wine & Jazz summer jazz event at Hollywood and  Highland. They had been asked to volunteer by Noemi Torres, a longtime volunteer and supporter of the organization.

That night sparks flew as the pair enjoyed the music and mingled with crowd while selling raffle tickets and bracelets to aid the cause. Alex found Lyndsey witty and fun and she saw that Alex was a man of depth and integrity.  As they parted that night he gave her his phone number. They were both surprised that after the obvious attraction nothing further happened. When Alex arrived at his sister Noemi’s house about a week later, Lyndsey was there too. After they both realized in his hurry to give his number he had entered a wrong digit and Lyndsey had sent five text messages to a stranger, they decided to go on a date that evening. It grew into six tumultuous days and when Alex left for a pre-planned three week trip to Mexico they talked for two hours every day. On February 18th, a year and a half later, they drove to Griffith Observatory in Los Feliz, the scene of an early date, where Alex proposed to Lyndsey under a beautiful rainbow followed by a glorious sunset. Getting down on one knee, he slipped on her finger a beautiful opal ring he had specially designed for her.

Lyndsey Elise Rae is originally from Fort Worth, Texas,  moved to Los Angeles, and was  living in Studio City  when they met. She is a documentary film maker who has recently been making a film in Florida.  Titled Honeychild the film is about sex trafficking in the United States.  Alejandro Torres is originally from Mexico but grew up in Seattle. Alex is a doctor specializing in family medicine.  He recently worked in Scottsdale and Phoenix and then moved to West Hollywood where he volunteers at UCLA Ronald Reagan while waiting for his residency. After the wedding ceremony the couple will honeymoon in Fiji and on their return to the United States will be living in Hermosa Beach.

Project Angel Food has served the community tirelessly for 28 years, providing more than 10.5 million meals to men and women living with critical illness.  The kitchen, staff and volunteers prepare over 11,000 meals a week, free of charge, and medically tailored to the requirements of people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, kidney disease, congestive heart failure and diabetes. The mission is one of love, to feed and nourish the sick as they fight their battle.  Many of the clients are living well below the poverty line and Project Angel Food is the lifeline, filling a vital need in all communities. The client base is testimony to this fact, 37% Latino, 29% African-American, 22% Caucasian, 6% Asian/Pacific Islander1% Native American, 5% Other.

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